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Kursusnavn (dansk):Exploring Networked Culture 
Kursusnavn (engelsk):Exploring Networked Culture 
Semester:Efterår 2013 
Udbydes, digital design og kommunikation (ddk) 
Omfang i ECTS:15,00 
Min. antal deltagere:12 
Forventet antal deltagere:15 
Maks. antal deltagere:15 
Formelle forudsætninger:This is the last course in the DDK-spezialisation “Networked Culture.”

It is only possible to sign up for this course for students who have attended the first part of the specialization, i.e. the course “Digital Cultures.”

Læringsmål:After this course the students should be able to:
• Examine the application of different perspectives on networked culture in digital culture and communication research.
• Relate the study of networked culture to a broader context by discussing their application in specific research projects.
• Identify and apply different theoretical lenses in the study of networked culture in individual research projects.
• Apply relevant theoretical and methodological concepts to the study of networked culture in individual projects and project reports. 
Fagligt indhold:This course will cover material that will help students to:
• Further develop and refine analytical and methodological skills related to the study of networked culture
• Gain insight into specific research fields in the study of networked culture.

Relevant themes covered in this course include:
• Research on networked culture in specified research areas
• Hackers, activism, slacktvism, and radical politics in networked culture
• Notions of open access, open knowledge, and internet freedom
• Censorship, surveillance, and control in networked culture
• User-generated content, citizen journalism, co-creation, and wisdom of the crowds
• Notions of empowerment in networked culture
• Digital utopia and where they come from
• Identity and social networks online and offline
• Blogging, micro-blogging, and the social web
• Ethical and methodological challenges

Most lectures will be in English. Discussion, exercises, assignments, and exam papers can be either in Danish or English. 
Læringsaktiviteter:14 ugers undervisning bestående af forelæsninger, øvelser og vejledning

The course consists of 14 lessons four hours each. The first lecture will provide an overview of the course. Most sessions will be a combination of lectures, discussions, exercises, and practical guidance. Students are expected to come prepared to each lecture and actively engage in course activities in-class and specified week-to-week activities.

A portion of the course will be dedicated to the students developing their individual exam projects, which will be presented for other members of the class in a mandatory presentation seminar. 

Obligatoriske aktivititer:The mandatory course activities include two written assignments, and participation in the presentation seminar. 
Eksamensform og -beskrivelse:X. experimental examination form (7-scale; external exam), 7-trins-skala, Ekstern censur


Litteratur udover forskningsartikler:
Følgende personer underviser på kurset:
NavnStillingUndervisertypeIndsats (%)
Christina Neumayer Postdoc(ITU) Kursusansvarlig 100

Afholdelse (tid og sted)
Kurset afholdes på følgende tid og sted:
Torsdag 12.00-13.50 Forelæsning ITU 4A20
Torsdag 14.00-15.50 Øvelser ITU 4A20

Eksamen afholdes på følgende tid og sted:
2013-12-11 No later than 2PM Skriftlige arbejder ITU Student Affairs and Program (wing 3D)