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Kursusnavn (dansk):Enterprise arkitektur 
Kursusnavn (engelsk):Enterprise Architecture 
Semester:Efterår 2015 
Udbydes under:Master i It-ledelse (itl) 
Omfang i ECTS:7,50 
Min. antal deltagere:12 
Forventet antal deltagere:15 
Maks. antal deltagere:50 
Formelle forudsætninger:Participants should have completed "Forrretning og ledelse" (Business and Management) or similar.
It is an advantage if the participants has some knowledge about IT projects.

This course is not available to bachelor students 
Læringsmål:The student must at the end of the course be able to:
- Explain the background to and content of a number of key issues within enterprise architecture.
- Explain and compare the essential concepts of enterprise architecture, including the framework and artifacts and their interdependencies.
- Evaluate the architecture maturity, governance and strategy in an enterprise..
- Search for more information, for example. scientific literature, reports, specifications and use this information in the exam paper. 
Fagligt indhold:Please note, that due to technical challenges, changes may occur before the start of the semester (week 35) – this applies to all sections of the course description.

The course provides a basic introduction to enterprise architecture (business and IT architecture) based on internationally recognized models, methods and frameworks. The course learning objectives follow Carnegie Mellon University's Enterprise Architecture Knowledge and Skills Areas (levels 1.0 and 2.0).

This course examines the overall enterprise architecture process from strategic planning to the specific architecture work in the areas of business architecture, information architecture, solution architecture and technical architecture.

The interplay between architecture process implementation and operational processes is discussed. Themes such as IT governance, performance management, benchmarking and ROI will be analysed from an architecture perspective. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and key concepts such as web services will be examined at a strategic level. Course participants are also introduced to management of services and infrastructure, value-based development, and business process management (BPM).

The course will include a range of cases, including guest lectures. 

The course is held as an intensive course with two blocks of two Fridays-Saturdays (Friday from 9-21, Saturday from 9-16) containing mixed lectures, guest presentations, exercises and discussions. The dates are 4-5 September 2015 and 2-3 October 2015.
Paper-writing supervision sessions are offered by appointment before, betwwen, and after the two blocks. 

Obligatoriske aktivititer:Der er ingen obligatoriske aktiviteter. Vær venlig KUN at ændre denne tekst når der er obligatoriske aktiviteter./
There are no mandatory activities. Please, change this text ONLY when there are mandatory activities. 
Eksamensform og -beskrivelse:X. experimental examination form (7-scale; external exam)

The exam consists of timely hand-in of a paper (max 10 pages) which is then graded by the teachers. Each participant must write and hand-in his/her own paper, but for example data collection can be done in groups. The theme of the paper is defined by the participant.
The literature that is referred to in the paper should amount to 650-750 pages, at least 400 of which are selected from the course curriculum readings.  

Litteratur udover forskningsartikler:Scott Bernard (2012) Introduction to Enterprise Architecture. Third Edition. Authorhouse.

Jeanne W. Ross, Peter Weill, David C. Robertson (2006) Enterprise Architecture as Strategy. Harvard Business School Press

A range of articles (optional). 
Følgende personer underviser på kurset:
NavnStillingUndervisertypeIndsats (%)
Søren Alain Mortensen Ekstern lektor(ITU) Underviser 45
Jakob Tønners Hjælpelærer(ITU) Hjælpelærer 0
John Gøtze Adjunkt(ITU) Kursusansvarlig 55