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Kursusnavn (dansk):Introduction to Data Science and Programming 
Kursusnavn (engelsk):Introduction to Data Science and Programming 
Semester:Efterår 2018 
Udbydes under:Bachelor i datavidenskab (b-ds) 
Omfang i ECTS:15,00 
Min. antal deltagere:50 
Forventet antal deltagere:
Maks. antal deltagere:65 
Formelle forudsætninger:The course is mandatory for students on first semester BSc in Data Science.
The course is only open for students enrolled in BSc in Data Science. 
Læringsmål:After the course the students should be able to:

  • identify the fundamental problems in data science

  • describe the standard approaches to solving these problems

  • select the appropriate methods for analysing various data types

  • create computer programs for solving problems in data science

  • apply basic machine learning to data analysis

  • analyse heterogenous collections of data with computer programming

  • visualize the results of various data analyses

  • solve data science problems with induction and recursion

Fagligt indhold:This course is both a practical introduction to the foundations of Data Science and to programming.
This subjects covered in the course include:

  • Computer fundamentals

  • Object-oriented programming with Python

  • Mathematical programming

  • Heterogeneous data and data curation

  • Basic reporting

  • Prediction using machine learning

  • Network analysis

  • Analysis under noisy conditions

  • Big data and distributed computing

Læringsaktiviteter:14 ugers undervisning bestående af forelæsninger og øvelser

There are 14 weeks of teaching activities, which are evenly split into 14 pairs of lectures and exercises.

Note that the course also includes homework assignments, a pen & paper test, and a data analysis report, which are listed under mandatory activities.

The lectures cover the topics in data science and computer programming as listed above in the course content. The exercise sessions involve additional hands-on experience with the topics covered in the corresponding weekly lectures. The exercises are also aimed at additionally equipping the students with the skill sets necessary for the successful completion of homework assignments and group work. 

Obligatoriske aktivititer:The course includes:
1) a maximum of 10 mandatory homework assignments, and
2) a single written pen & paper test on premises around 1/3 through the semester.
3) a single written data analysis report around 2/3 through the semester.

Each homework assignment is closely tied to the weekly progression of the course, and also closely relates to the topics addressed in the lectures and the corresponding exercise sessions. The homework assignments require the students to closely observe the submission deadlines. The students are required to submit correct solutions to the mandatory homework assignments to be considered eligible for the exam. We allow for a maximum of 2 assignments to not be submitted.

The pen & paper test activity is a checkpoint to assess the adoption level for the skills required to participate in the second part of the semester. The test duration is 2 hours. It occupies a single lecture or exercise session on premises, and it is closed-book: only a pen for handwriting the answers is allowed.

The written data analysis report is a checkpoint to assess the basic reporting skills for a simple data analysis assignment. The students are given a dataset and a set of data analysis instructions beforehand, and they are expected to submit a short report on their analysis before the deadline. The exact dataset, data analysis instructions, report format, deadlines, and any other guidelines will be provided during the semester.

All mandatory activities are pass/fail.
The written pen & paper test submission has to be 80% correct for a pass.
A sound data analysis report is required to pass the written data analysis report.

The students will be granted a second attempt at all mandatory activity. For each homework assignment, the second attempt deadline will be set one week after the first deadline. There will be an additional second attempt deadline associated with the re-exam. The second attempt deadlines for the pen & paper test and for the written data analysis report will be established during the semester.

Be aware: The student will receive the grade NA (not approved) at the ordinary exam, if the mandatory activities are not approved and the student will use an exam attempt. 
Eksamensform og -beskrivelse:X: Eksperimentel eksamensform., (7-scale, internal exam)

This course features a written examination on premises.
It is a closed-book exam on paper.
No aids are allowed at the exam, other than a pen for handwriting the answers.
The exam duration is 4 hours.

The re-exam form will depend on the number of students registered for the re-exam.  

Følgende personer underviser på kurset:
NavnStillingUndervisertypeIndsats (%)
Zeljko Agic Lektor(ITU) Kursusansvarlig 60
Natalie Schluter Lektor, Linjeleder(ITU) Underviser 40
Marija Stepanovic Hjælpelærer(ITU) Hjælpelærer 0
Sarah McGillion Undervisningsassistent(ITU) Hjælpelærer 0