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Kursusnavn (dansk):Play Design  Help
Kursusnavn (engelsk):Play Design  Help
Semester:Forår 2019  Help
Udbydes, spil (games)  Help
Omfang i ECTS:7,50  Help
Kursussprog:Engelsk  Help
Kursushjemmeside:  Help
Min. antal deltagere: Help
Forventet antal deltagere: Help
Maks. antal deltagere:50  Help
Formelle forudsætninger:Students are expected to have a basic command of programming knowledge. For instance, students should be able to write a basic interactive piece of software that imports libraries and makes use of object-based programming techniques. For the project work, any language such as Processing, Arduino or even Python can be used. 
I øvrigt skal man opfylde IT-Universitetets generelle optagelseskrav. Help
Læringsmål:After the course, the student should be able to:

- Work as part of a team
- Explore the creative and expressive potential of play outside the scope of game design
- Identify, understand, apply, communicate and discuss conceptual models of interactive design
- Gain hands-on experience and technical skills
- Generate original concepts and prototyping materials for design, development and pitching
- Design and develop unique interactive works from start to finish
- Create and integrate media elements, such as images, text, sound, video
- Reflect on the cultural importance of play as a form of expression  Help
Fagligt indhold:The course explores play as a perspective and practice in the design of interactive experiences. In the course, students encounter various theories of play, and how they can relate to practical implementations of play in different contexts. This is a course about making people play, outside of games. The course's learning goals and activities are thus not oriented towards game design.  Help

Students are expected to produce several working prototypes, but also to read, apply and reflect on a selection of texts on play. Students are expected to be able to connect and integrate concepts of play with practical play designs. The course facilitates an approach to play in which theoretical and practical angles, concepts and artifacts inspire, challenge, question and necessitate each other.  Help

Obligatoriske aktivititer:Conceptional development, design, implementation and evaluation of several practical projects. 2-3 articles/book chapters advance reading per lecture, to amount to a total of 30+ academic texts.  Help
Eksamensform og -beskrivelse:C: Skriftlige arbejder uden mundtlig eksamen., (7-scale, external exam)

Students submit several written reports that reflect on the practical projects   Help

Følgende personer underviser på kurset:
NavnStillingUndervisertypeIndsats (%)
Daniel Cermak Lektor(ITU) Kursusansvarlig 100
Dominic Francis Stephen Ford Hjælpelærer(ITU) Hjælpelærer 0